‘The 21st century poses many challenges and opportunities for our nation and the world. As our next generation of leaders, you will have responsibilities in determining how these issues are addressed.

I commend you for taking the initiative to prepare for these future challenges by examining firsthand how our democratic process works.

As you meet with people in government, the military, media and business, you can gain a deeper understanding of how public policy and law are shaped in America. These experiences should prove both informative and inspirational as you go on to pursue careers or other opportunities in public and community service. The Presidential Classroom program will help you develop the knowledge, skills and wisdom you will need to guide our world to a brighter tomorrow.’

George W. Bush
President of the United States of America

‘Presidential Classroom provides an important and exciting Congress, their classroom is America’s capital itself, and their degree in as understanding of the great challenges and even greater responsibilities that go hand in hand with public trust.

When I was in high school, I participated in a similar program and it was my great privilege to meet President Kennedy at the White house. I’ll remember that meeting the rest of my life.

Providing young Americans with the inspiration and dedication to become tomorrow’s leaders is Presidential Classroom’s Mission, and it’s an endeavor worthy of all our support.’

William J.Clinton
Former President of the United States of America