About our Leadership Summits

Each year these Leadership Summits in prestigious American Universities of HARVARD, STANFORD, YALE, UCLA, CHICAGO AND JOHN HOPKINS bring together promising student leaders from over 30 countries to explore and challenge their Leadership Skills by learning from world leaders. At the leadership Summits the delegates gain a first-hand experience of living at a prestigious American University where they prepare for University Life and Career and also to Interact with similar age students from around the world. This experience will enhance their university admissions resume and give preference for admission and scholarships to most universities in USA. These TOP American Universities provide the perfect location for students to develop leadership skills, prepare for university admissions and to build their communication and presentation skills. Now students from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, China, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand can attend these Summits. Email us today for details. futureleader@bigpond.com

Last year Harvard University received 34,303 Applications from around the world for undergraduate studies for 2016 intake. Only 2,076 were selected. Of them some 400 were delegates who had attended our Leadership Summits. “Success in the classroom may not be enough to get into your first choice university in USA, UK or Australia. Admission rates at top Universities in USA are as low as 1 in every 16 applicants. More than 80% of those students who attend our Leadership Summits gain acceptance to their First Choice College in USA” said Rochelle Melder, the Chief Student Counsellor for Presidential Classroom in Sri Lanka & India.

The Leadership Summits give each delegate a hands-on experience, one-on-one instructions and curricular that, focus on their future career interests. These delegates will be taking part in unique service projects across the United States while gaining experience and confidence. They get a heads up in the most competitive career paths through programs focused in fields such as Business, Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Health Care, International Diplomacy, Community Leadership, and Technology. Past summits enjoyed personal advice and insights from speakers including: former U.S. Secretaries of State, Hilary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice and General Colin Powell; Director Spike Lee; NFL champions Eli and Peyton Manning, Bill Bradley, Mary Eisenhower and many other outstanding World Leaders.

Since the year 2000 Presidential Classroom has helped over 1300 Australian, Taiwanese, Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani and Maldivian teenagers to experience this amazing week in the USA. It has changed their lives forever and given them once in a life time opportunities to become future world leaders. After attending these summits, over 1000 of them entered Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown, Upenn, Washington, Chicago, Miami, Mt. Holliork, Notradam, Macalister, Clark, Wisconsin in USA, Sydney, Melbourne, Griffith, East Sydney, Edith Coven Universities in Australia and Oxford, Nottingham, Warrick, Leeds, Cambridge, Sheffield, Kings, LSE and Sussex in United Kingdom.

After graduation many have taken up key responsibilities in their chosen careers in their respective countries and across the Globe, to make a better world for you and me. 8 of them now work for NASA in Washington DC and 6 of them at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida USA. Over 300 of them are young entrepreneurs leading their own or their family companies across the world. 33 of them are current political leaders in their countries Parliaments. 16 of them are working for the United Nations in different parts of the world. You too can join this elite group of FUTURE WORLD LEADERS. Email futureleader@bigpond.com