Damsadie Hennedigey
Name : Damsadie Hennedigey
School : Musaeus College
Dulakshi Fernando
Name : Dulakshi Fernando
School : Asian International School
Mayan Siriwardena
Name : Mayan Siriwardena
School : Asian International School
Sirustica Senthilkumar
Name : Sirustica Senthilkumar
School : Asian International School
Vinthara Goluhewage
Name : Vinthara Goluhewage
School : Musaeus College
Anushka Tiwari
Name : Anushka Tiwari
School : Asian International School
Dasun Jayawardena
Name : Dasun Jayawardena
School : British School
Dinul Hettiarachchi
Name : Dinul Hettiarachchi
School : Colombo International School
Sheraya De Silva
Name : Sheraya De Silva
School : Asian International School
Tehara Punchihewa
Name : Tehara Punchihewa
School : Ladies College
Jivanka De Almeida Guneratne
Name : Jivanka De Almeida Guneratne
School : St. Thomas College Mt.Lavinia
Vimukthi De Alwis
Name : Vimukthi De Alwis
School : Stafford International School
Ashton Godfrey
Name : Ashton Godfrey
School : Trinity Grammar School, Perth, WA, Australia.
Saanya Subasinghe
Name : Saanya Subasinghe
School : British School in Colombo
Dinuk Edirrisinghe
Name : Dinuk Edirrisinghe
School : Colombo International School
Yoshitha Athukorale
Name : Yoshitha Athukorale
School : Ananda College
Lara Modder
Name : Lara Modder
School : Ladies College
Jahan Ukwatte
Name : Jahan Ukwatte
School : Colombo International School
Sheanna Gardiner
Name : Sheanna Gardiner
School : Colombo International School
Jonathan Perera
Name : Jonathan Perera
School :
15 Lankan student leaders accepted to Harvard University Leadership Summit 2015 in USA.

This year 15 Student Leaders from 8 schools in Sri Lanka has been accepted to attend the 2015 Summer Leadership Summit at Harvard University in USA. They will join 300 other teen leaders from 37 countries for this once in a lifetime leadership education experience.

The Summit annually brings together Teenagers between 15 to 18 years, who are fluent in the English Language to experience a global outlook to prepare them for serious higher studies. More information at www.futureworldleader.org Since year 2000, over 1000 Sri Lankan students have attended these Leadership Summits in USA. 885 of them have entered American, British and Australian Universities on scholarships to complete their higher studies. Since graduating most of them have returned to Sri Lanka, to take up leadership roles in their chosen careers. Some are overseas in similar leadership roles including NASA & Kennedy Space Centre making Sri Lanka proud. Seen in the picture are the 2015 delegates at the first orientation last week with the Chief Student Counsellor in Sri Lanka, Rochelle Melder at Presidential Classroom Office. “More than 80% of those students who attend our Leadership Summits gain acceptance to their First Choice University in USA” said Rochelle Melder, the Chief Student Counsellor of Presidential Classroom Sri Lanka, local representative. Email [email protected] for a free Application Kit.